A day of Two Halves in the LAKE DISTRICT – Loughrigg Fell/Lake Windermere

Play Video A day of Two Halves in the LAKE DISTRICT - Loughrigg Fell/Lake Windermere

A day of Two Halves in the LAKE DISTRICT – Loughrigg Fell/Lake Windermere

In this week’s vlog, I take a trip to the Lake District where I venture up Loughrigg Fell and capture sunset around Lake Windermere. This was an area I visited in January but wasn’t able to climb the fell I wanted as I was greeted with thick fog, and I was unable to see 3ft in front of me.

I started my day with a 7 am start, with a quick detour into Ambleside to get some supplies before venturing through Rothay Park in Ambleside, to start my hike up Loughrigg Fell.

I ventured through the woods, it would have been a great place to explore, but my goal was to get up the fell, so that’s one for another day. I did manage to capture a cheeky iPhone shot.

On my way up, I was greeted with a group of angry-looking rams, and the path wasn’t wide enough for both of us. It was a standoff, they didn’t want to go past me, and I certainly wasn’t passing them. The only way I could pass was to jump over a gate, out of there way. Phew!

I was lucky though as I was greeted with this view. Thank you to those rams.

A gate with a view.

It was a quite easy, but steep route. The last few hundred yards was a bit of a scramble. I’ll confess that after the scramble, I was knackered and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I stopped for a protein bar and a can of cold coffee. I’ll give the cold coffee a miss in the future. I normally stay in the YHA which has great self-catering facilities so I normally make some food and a flask of coffee when I go hiking, unfortunately, the catering facilities were closed due to the current pandemic. A sensible decision.

I’m so glad I stopped where I did as I was greeted to some great views of some of the fells facing north towards Rydal and Grasmere. I also had a great view of Ambleside. It was stunning

I only wish my knowledge of the lakes was better, so I could pick out the fells I was looking at. I’m sure this will come with time.

I decided to stop and film the first part of the vlog there, so I decided to get the long lens out. One of the great uses of a Telephoto lens is that you can pick small parts of the landscape, and this was something I could have done all day here.

The day ended back on Lake Windermere, where I started where I decided to nip out for sunset. I’d spotted a bench on my way into Ambleside, which looked great. I’d gone out to capture this but this was scuppered by two guys sitting on the bench for hours. I did pop back next morning.

The Langdale Pikes framed by a couple of Trees on Lake Windermere.

Sunset didn’t materialise, but I wasn’t disappointed. In the hunt for a new composition, I spotted one of the fells on the other side of Lake Windermere framed by some of the trees. I really loved this shot.

So my evening finished with an intimate shot of a broken branch from one of the trees. It made a great composition with the stones on the edge of Lake Windermere.

A fallen branch on Lake Windermere.

A really tiring, but enjoyable day.

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