Staying motivated with your Photography.

Staying motivated with your Photography.

I’ll be honest that I have been struggling with motivation to take pictures or create vlogs lately. I am not sure if its the early morning sunrises or late sunsets, but I have just not been feeling it lately. So I thought I would write about my process in getting back into shooting.

An image of fungi in a forest.

Try a different subject or style of photography.

I know as a photographer it’s so easy to shoot the same style or type of subject that comes naturally to us. Sometimes a step out of that comfort zone can get you excited. Why not have a try at Street Photography or Macro? Moreover, Street Photography can be hard, and intimidating but can be rewarding. It’s a genre where you have to think quickly, compose your shot in a split second, and really makes you think about your photography. Go out and try something new.

Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera

Have a change of camera.

I know that learning a piece of kit can be hard. We even get to know a camera well, it can become almost automatic. Knowing what settings to use, where to focus, and what exposure to use. Why not try a film camera or use your mobile phone? A different tool can make yo think differently about your photography, change the way you take an image. A change in process can get the creativity flowing which will get the excitement back into taking an image.

Mary's Shell, Cleveleys

Shoot somewhere new.

Do you go to the same places to shoot or capture the same images? Is this why you’re finding it hard to get excited about your photography. In the past, I have spoken about becoming familiar with a location before. Even that secret local location that you go to over and over again. A change of scenery might get you excited about a place. Therefore you never know that this place could be the next location that you visit over and over. Get out there and explore.

Up The Lane. An image of Hollins Lane in Winwick, Near Warrington

Try a challenge.

I recently made a YouTube video where I take on the #3shotchallenge where I chose one location and one subject to take three images. In this video, I simplified my shots but limiting my images, which pushed my creativity. A challenge like this can get you excited about shooting and can push you to be creative.

I hope this helps to get you motivated to shoot photograph. What tips do you use to get motivated? Share this in the comments below, or tweet your thoughts.