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Staying motivated with your Photography.

I’ll be honest that I have been struggling with motivation to take pictures or create vlogs lately. I am not sure if its the early morning sunrises or late sunsets, but I have just not been feeling it lately. So I thought I would write about my process in getting back into shooting.

At the beginning of the year I came across this vlog from Nigel Danson in which he discusses some of his photography ideas to start the new year. I’ll be honest that I had a bit of photographers block over christmas after producing some great images and vlogs. I was looking for some inspiration to get me started in 2019. Lets get to discussing how I scrapbook and print my images more.

If you have been reading the blog recently, you’ll know that I have recently started vlogging on my YouTube channel. When I started vlogging, I was stuck on what camera to use to record my video. I was swayed by the GoPro Hero 7, because of its versatility and compact size. I already carry quite a bit of camera equipment already, so I didn’t want to add more bulk with an extra camera for video.

Why I started a YouTube Channel

Over the last year, I have become fascinated with YouTube as a medium to show my creativity. I have always been a creative person, but self-doubt and confidence have always held me back. I have always avoided doing things because of the unyielding doubt of what people may think, which has meant that I have missed opportunities and good ones at that.

How to improve your Street Photography Game?

As an introvert, the thought of street photography, would normally send a shiver down my spine. The thought of asking people to take a photo, or getting that stare from a person when taking a photo can be scary. Here are a few of my tips Have learnt from getting comfortable with street photography.

My Camera

Hi and welcome to Mike Chesworth Photography. On this blog I hope to write tutorials, reviews and some of my general ramblings about photography.