My Top 5 Youtube Photography Channels

My 5 Favourite YouTube Channels

I’ll make a confession that I watch a lot of YouTube, this is even my first choice before I watch a program on what I call the “Normal Telly”. I thought that I would give a big shout out to some of the photography channels on YouTube that have inspired me to take photographs, and even jump in front of the camera to create my own channel.

#1 e6 Vlogs

I’ll start off with Craig Roberts who has a channel called e6 vlogs and who I think is one of the most underrated Photography channels on YouTube and should have many more followers than he has. I love the eclectic mix of genres on the channel from Urban to Landscapes, using both digital and film, all explained in an easy to understand way with a comedic element that isn’t forced. Well worth a watch.

#2 Shoot Film Like A Boss

I have been on a recent journey of discovery in shooting film, and this channel has been invaluable to my learning. This channel is dedicated to Film Photography which is a complicated genre to teach and I have found these videos useful and has improved my film photography. I recently took the steps and bought my own developing equipment and started developed my own film and thanks to this channel, I found it easy through one of the simple to follow tutorials.

#3 Steve O’Nions

Another shout out to a Film Photography channel. I have always loved Steve’s laid back videos exploring some great scenery and providing some knowledgeable insights and tips into film photography. There is also great honesty to some of the videos on this channel, which shows the real side of photography.

#4 DGriff Gallery

I can’t create a list of YouTube channels without including David Griffiths, who is a Landscape Photographer based in North Wales. I have always enjoyed the laid back and easy to understand teaching style of this channel and his love of the North Wales area, which shines through in all the videos. I’ll confess that this channel was one of the main reasons I use Olympus and Micro Four Thirds.

#5 Micro Four Nerds

I discovered this channel when researching my step into the world of Micro Four Thirds and found it invaluable in getting to know my kit better. Emily makes a selection of excellent reviews of both video and photography equipment, tutorials of some of the techniques in photography and some great behind the scenes videos. I’ll admit that I have learnt loads about using my Olympus and has cost me a few quid, after being tempted by some of the products that have been reviewed. Definitely worth a sub if you are into Micro Four Thirds.

I hope you enjoyed this rundown of some of my favourite YouTube Channels. I could have mentioned many more but this would have been a long blog post, so I might save some for a future post.

Be sure to give the videos above a watch and tell me your favourite photography channel in the comments below.