How to post to Instagram using a Desktop?

How to post to Instagram on Desktop Computer?

As I browse the web, the biggest frustration that I see with Instagram is that you can only post on a mobile phone. Yes, Instagram has made it very hard for a photograph to be uploaded using a desktop browser, but it isn’t impossible. Let me show you how to post to Instagram using a Desktop.

This technique will work on both Windows and Mac, but the screenshots in this tutorial will show the Mac version. (PS. They both look the same!). I am going to demonstrate this on Google Chrome as this seems to be a more popular browser and has the easiest method I have found. On Windows, there are apps that allow you to post to Instagram directly but seems too much work for me.

This trick, uses the Web Inspector that can be found on most modern browsers. This allows Web Developers to test their sites without owning a physical device or having to use multiple browsers. Lucky for us it also allows a user to fake a device to show a mobile version of the site.

Open up Google Chrome.

Navigate to and log in. Right Click anywhere on the screen and navigate to Inspect.

A screenshot of the Chrome Browser navigating to inspect.

This should reveal the web inspector.

This should then reveal a section of the browser called the Web Inspector, which shows various goodies that are used by web designers and developers, to understand and design a website.

The Three Dots of the Web Inspector on Instagram

The Three Dots

Navigate to the three dots in the top right of the web inspector.

The Three Dots of the Web Browser on Instagram

Please can I have more?

Navigate to “More Tools” then Network Conditions. Select this option.

This option allows the browser to change the User Agent, which identifies which browser you are using to the website. Fortunately for us, this can be used to tell the website you are using a mobile browser, and then forces the website to show the mobile version of the website.

A screenshot of the Network Conditions tab in the Chrome browser.

Network Conditions.

You should be presented with the following at the bottom of the Web Inspector.

A screenshot of the network conditions tab on Google Chrome

Uncheck the “Select automatically” option, which will then open the selector below. This will give you a list of Web Browsers and Devices. Pick a mobile browser of your choice. I personally recommend using the Safari – iOS9 as this will mimic the browser on an iPhone and has always given me the most success.

Refresh the browser.

Once you have refreshed the browser (Ctrl +F5 Windows, Cmd + R on the Mac) Voila. You should now see the bottom bar of the Instagram website, that you are probably familiar when you use the web app. Upload As normal.

A screenshot of the Instagram toolbar

Once you have finished uploading, click the “X” at the top right of the web inspector, refresh the browser and you’ll see the desktop version of the Instagram website as before. Unfortunately, you will have to do this every time you open the Instagram website in your browser. You should, however, be able to upload as many images as you like as long as the web inspector is open on the website after completing the above steps.

I hope this shows you how to post to Instagram using a Desktop. Yes, it’s a pain, but if you’re a photographer that does you editing on a desktop, it’s a simple workaround to allow you to upload without syncing to a mobile device.

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