A few tips to improve Your GoPro battery life.

If you have been reading the blog recently, you’ll know that I have recently started vlogging on my YouTube channel. When I started vlogging, I was stuck on what camera to use to record my video. I was swayed by the GoPro Hero 7, because of its versatility and compact size. I already carry quite a bit of camera equipment already, so I didn’t want to add more bulk with an extra camera for video.

One of the frustrations with the GoPro was the battery life. On a normal day a battery will only last for about 45mins of use, but with a few teaks I have managed to make the battery last for an extra 30-40 mins, so here are a few of the tweaks I use to extend my battery life.

Turn off voice control.

The one feature I found to be reducing my battery life the most was the voice activation. The GoPro has a feature where I can command the camera to start recording and do other things by simply talking to it, but unfortunately I found this to be draining the battery very quickly. I often use the GoPro within arms length so the voice activation was something I could live without.

Disable GoPro bluetooth and WiFI.

An extra step I took to help conserve power was to disable wireless connections such as WiFI and Bluetooth as I wasn’t using them.
Having a constant wireless connection will drain battery power, as it is contastly looking to connect, so by turning this off will help conserve that little bit of power.

Reduce the screen brightness.

A big user of power on any mobile device is the screen, luckily GoPro provide the facility to reduce the screen brightness, and they also allow you to turn the screen off when recording, after a set amount of time. These two steps will help improve battery life significantly.

Use an external power supply.

Another way to improve battery life of your GoPro is to use an external poswer source such as a battery bank, which can be plugged in through the cage that the device sits in. On the GoPro 4 and lower the power port was quite inaccessible due to the waterproof case. With the GoPro 5 and up, the device is quite waterproof without an external case, however having the external port cover open will reduce the effectiveness of the waterproofing, so use this with caution, but adding a external power bank can increase the battery time from an hour up to more than 4 hours.

I hope these tips were useful to improve your battery life of the GoPro. Leave a comment below if you find these useful. Don’t forgot to have a look at my channel trailer as well?