A few things to do as a photographer during lockdown.

A few things to do as a photographer during lockdown.

As you may know, we are in very strange times at the moment with what is going on with the Coronavirus pandemic and that we are all in lockdown. One of the positives that we can take from this, is that we all have more time to catch up on those photography tasks that we have been putting off for a while now. Let discuss a few things we can do during these unusual times.

Update your Website.

As a photographer and a trained web designer, I’m a firm believer that having a website can be an important promotional strategy and can be a great addition to social media. I’ll discuss this in an upcoming blog. Now that you have some spare time why not set up or update your website. You could add a blog section, write those blogs, update your portfolio, or add a shop to sell those important prints. There are some good solutions out such as WordPress, or Squarespace, out there that can make it easy to create that website. Go do it!

Learn a new skill

A good task to start during a lockdown is to learn a new skill that can complement your photography. Do you struggle with photoshop? Have you been scared of using the manual setting in your camera? why not practise these skills or even do some online learning to improve these skills.

Look through that back catalogue.

I don’t know about you but I have hundreds if not thousands of images on my hard drive, that I haven’t touched in ages. There may be some that are not needed anymore that can be deleted or images that you never got around to editing, even images that you can improve upon the first edit. Now is a good time to have a sort through that back catalogue.

Do some printing?

In this world of mobile devices and social media, we as photographers don’t print our images enough. It can be so easy to visit Facebook and see your images there or get out your mobile phone and flick through your images there, but there is no better sight than seeing a large print of your favourite image on the wall. it can create a great sense of fulfilment and can be quite inspirational seeing your image on the wall when walking past. Paper and printers can be found very reasonably priced and there are a huge number of online labs, where you can upload an image and have a print on your doorstep within a week, so why not have a go at printing your images. So much better than looking at a drab generic print from your local home furnishing store, and just remember that image is yours!

Practice a different genre of photography.

Are you primarily a landscape photographer, or do you take portraits as your main form of photography? Why not try a different type of photography such as macro, nature or wildlife. Get out in your garden and take some images. You can get some much needed Vitamin D and it can be great for the mind too.

I hope that you find this useful during the lockdown and keeps the mind and soul focused. Hopefully, we can all stay safe during this time. We’ll all be climbing those hills in no time. It might also be useful to read why I don’t stick to one genre of photography

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  • Posted by Graham Thompson

    I have setup my WordPress blog and, although my gear is limited, am doing some garden bird photography. There is lots of photography to be done you just need to put your mind to it and try new things.

  • Posted by Mike Chesworth

    Great to hear that you are keeping busy, and trying new things. I hope you’re posting regularly to your WordPress blog. I must remember to drop by and have a read. Stay Safe and take it easy.

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