If you have been around the photography internet you have probably seen that there seems to be a massive resurgence in shooting film. There are even some big photography YouTubers who are starting to show their process and why they shoot film. Let’s discuss why I still shoot with a film camera?

I’ll be honest that I wasn’t interested in photography when film was at its peak. My memories of film were shooting 24 or 36 shots, then dropping them off in town, to pick them up a week later with fingers crossed that they were not blurry or underexposed, even double exposed. Yes, I did that and still don’t know how it happened, its called art these days. 😉

Play Video A day of Two Halves in the LAKE DISTRICT - Loughrigg Fell/Lake Windermere

A day of Two Halves in the LAKE DISTRICT – Loughrigg Fell/Lake Windermere

If you are a regular reader of this blog and an avid viewer of my YouTube channel, you’ll have been wondering where I have been and why haven’t been posting. In this post explain my reasons for the break and my absence from all things social.

A much needed break from social media.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, there are days where I love the interaction and the enjoyment of talking to people I have never met or would never meet in real life, that feeling of chatting to somebody on the other side of the world like they are in the same room is always exciting.

Play Video A quick trip out for a RECCE? Youtube Video Thumbnail

A quick trip out for a RECCE? – Landscape Photography on YouTube

As a person who is looking to turn a photography hobby into a career, you could be mistaken that sticking to one genre of photography could be a good idea. If you look at my portfolio you’ll be able to see that there are images that cover more than an area of photography. So let’s discuss why I like to take images of more than one genre of photography.

If you look at my portfolio you will probably see quite a few shots that are taken in an urban environment. In this blog, I share some of my favourite tips and tricks for urban photography.

I love taking photos in an urban environment, not only due to its accessibility and ease of getting there, but the fact that you’ll never know quite what’ll you get.